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Pablo Morales pablo.morales at abitab.com.uy
Tue Apr 13 18:08:56 CEST 2004

I'm using it in it simple form, cause I could not foud other parameters, at
least do no work for me.

I use -xvid  xvidencopts  bitrate=bitrate:me_quality=6:4mv , then the
rest, -vf crop=xxxx, scale, -sw 7, and sometimes hdqn3d

I tried using vhq and other paramateres that are listed in the man pages but
gives me an error, unrecognized option.


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> > in my experience lavc has big trouble with noisy sources,
> well, VHS is noisy :(
> i'm not sure if i should use higher resolution.
> isn't width=768:height=576 the maximum of the VHS source?
> i'll try with xvid tonight.
> could anybody tell me what the swicth and argument would be for xvid
> libavcodec?
> i'm a mandrake newbie, and i even don't know if i have a xvid codec... :)
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