[MPlayer-users] md5 checking

alvin.mpeg at ns.linux-1u.net alvin.mpeg at ns.linux-1u.net
Tue Apr 13 02:50:21 CEST 2004

hi ya

just curious ... 

is there any plans or has it already been implemented ??

	mplayer -md5   any.mpg

where the -md5 option does the following self checking
( in quickie psuedo script style )

	wget http://random.someplace.com/xxx/any.mpg.md5 /tmp/x.md5

	md5 any.mpg > /tmp/y.md5

	if [ diff /tmp/x.md5 /tmp/y.md5 ]
		remove the *.md5 files
		play it
		something wrong - dont play it

- the location of the md5 directory can be in ~/.mplayer/config
	- should be 2 or 3 places to get the md5 for any file

- probably should use a special mplayer directory for storing 
  temporary md5 files for checking before executing

- its to prevent mplayer from playing files it should not display :-)

c ya

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