[MPlayer-users] Question on mencoder GUI?

Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Fri Apr 9 15:52:00 CEST 2004


I want to start with four points
* What I love is the simplicity of dvd::rip.

* What I don't love is that it does not work on my laptop (SuSE 9.0)
  any more, and that it does not offer me some things like riping with

* What I love is that mencoder works so great in my "Video recorder"
  with my Hauppauge, and that it also works on my laptop, where
  dvd::rip/transcode makes problems.

* What I don't love is the complexity in working with mencoder. It needs
  so many options, it would be very much easier to have a GUI available.

The situation is still the same, so I kindly want to ask if there is something
new. What I would like (means: what I would welcome) is a combination of the
advantages of dvd::rip and mencoder (instead of transcode).

>>> Is something like that already available? <<<

1. I would like to RIP DVDs in highest quality into DivX-4 files.

2. transcode and dvd::rip seem to leave away subtitles (at least in my
   version which merily works, so I would prefer to not change it).
   What I am looking for, is "smart subtitles". When RIPping in german, the
   subtitles should also be set to German. When an artist talk a different
   language (i.e. chinese or klingon) and a subtitle is available, it should

3. A pretty nice GUI will be welcome, something like in dvd::rip.

What of the above is currently possible and _available_?


  Ing. Rainer Hantsch

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