Video ok, no sound just for MPlayer (WAS: [MPlayer-users] Re: Oly 3 sec of video)

Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski dominik at
Sun Apr 4 18:26:44 CEST 2004

On Sunday, 04 April 2004 at 17:34, Matthew W. Miller wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 11:55:04AM -0300, Roberto Fernandes Tavares Neto wrote:
> >> On Sunday, 04 April 2004 at 15:39, Roberto Fernandes Tavares Neto wrote:
> >> > Does anyone knows how to solve this one? Alsa is ok (as far as I
> >> > can see), but what is the logical reason to MPlayer cannot use the
> >> > sound device?
> Probably that ALSA support wasn't compiled into MPlayer...
> >But how do I set it to alsa? The "mplayer -ao help" gives me:
> >Available audio output drivers:
> >        mpegpes Mpeg-PES audio output
> >        oss     OSS/ioctl audio output
> >        sdl     SDLlib audio output
> >        null    Null audio output
> >        pcm     RAW PCM/WAVE file writer audio output
> >        plugin  Plugin audio output
> ... which this list seems to verify.  You'll likely need to install the
> appropriate developer package for ALSA (likely the library package with
> '-dev' or '-devel' added on), and recompile and reinstall MPlayer.
> 	That's assuming you compiled MPlayer from source to begin with. 
> If you used a packaged binary and there's no separate package to add
> ALSA support, then see your distribution/OS's documentation for how to
> file a polite feature request to the packager.

He's using the official RPMs which have no ALSA support by default.
He should try rebuilding the source RPM with "--with alsa" option.
I've never had any feedback from alsa users, so I'll be happy to help
him solve any build issues.


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