[MPlayer-users] Re: no joy with latest CVS April%2

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Fri Apr 2 04:55:05 CEST 2004


>>> Right. It's not a problem but a report of the install from CVS, which  I
>>> just undid immediately thereafter.
>>> It had nothing to do with the info about the stream, it's just all
>>> there was to post.
>>> >Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound.
>>> >Audio: no sound
>>> >Video: no video
>>> This was the unexpected error.

  This just occurred to me, what do you get by typing mplayer -ao help?
  MPlayer changed the ALSA driver's name when ALSA changed versions, and
  you may have the old ALSA name set in your .mplayer/config file. 

  If nothing else, the -ao help command should tell you what audio
  output drivers you have, and you might find one that works. :) Hope
  this makes sense.

  	Take care,

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