[MPlayer-users] what tv to buy

gabor gabor at z10n.net
Fri Sep 26 14:14:05 CEST 2003

(yes, 'tv', not 'tv-card' :-)))

i decided to buy a tv for myself...

i want to watch dvds and also videos from my computer (using my
nvidia-geforce4's tv-out).

i would like to know if there are any possible problems, any problematic
manufacturers/models, anything i should be careful with, recommendations and
so on.

2 things i would like to have 'in' my tv:
- wide-screen... i'd love to finally watch my dvds and dvdrips as they were
meant to (without those black bars :)
-100hz... it seems to me that the picture quality is better on those tvs.
are there any problems with computer-tv-out with a 100hz tv? (and btw. could
anyone explain to me what they do differently? i know that 100hz means that
they show a new picture 100times in a second, but you only get 25/24
full-frames (or 50 interlaced), so how do they create the remaining 50?

thanks a lot,

p.s: about the price... i'd prefer to spend max 600-750euros on this (but i
don't know if that money is enough or not)

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