[MPlayer-users] quicktime password movies

Anarky anarky at rdslink.ro
Fri Sep 26 12:28:56 CEST 2003

    hi .. I'm new .. greetings to everybody & many many thanks to 
everybody on the Mplayer team for making the coolest player in Linux and 
making Linux movie-friendly .. somethign in all my best dreams I didn't 
expect yet ... thanks!
    I'd like to ask something: I've got some videos which came with 
passwords/keycodes to unlock them in order to be viewed .. .mov 
Quicktime movies .. in Quicktime there is somewhere where I can insert 
the passwords .. and yet I'd like to see these movies in Linux .. is 
that possible? Right now like in windows without unlocking only the 
audio is audible.

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