[MPlayer-users] record tv and drop advertising in one pass?

Frank Blatzheim Frank_Blatzheim at gmx.de
Tue Sep 23 19:37:53 CEST 2003

Jindrich Makovicka wrote:
> >Julien WAJSBERG wrote:
> >>Since we are just throwing guess around, why not try CTRL+S, and CTRL+Q?
> >> I suspect you will have the same problem, but it might be worth trying.
> >
> >I don't think it will produce the same behaviour, since ctrl Z really
> >stops the process whereas ctrl S just prevents the terminal from writing
> >any text :)
> It will be a bit similar - it stops the main thread, but the recorder 
> will still grab frames until it fills the buffer. then it starts 
> dropping frames. I would recommend avoiding such methods and rather 
> cutting the ads out after whole show is safely recorded.

Nice idea, but I am to stupid to do that :-(.

Can anyone explain me how to cutting of Parts from mpeg4-encoded *.avi? 

I think, first Step is to create a EDL-File?

Next i have to view the wole *.avi (it is "Wyatt Earp" with Cevin Costner
an goes 4hours ;-)) and mark begin and end auf the advertising-blocks into the EDL.

Ok, but what next?


Maybe i get some flames but a linux-program like WinDVR would be fine.
Looking Tv, press 2 Buttons (REC/PAUSE), finish. Ok, xawtv does it (a
little bit), but it kills the Record-File if it grows over 2GB on
FAT32 (not enough free space here on ext3-fs) and it create really
big Record-Files (no encoding on the fly). Mplayer with GUI works very
good as Video/TV/player and has "eye candy". But the Man-Pages drives
me crazy. Tons of switches and options, some for mplayer, other for mencoder
and the manpage for mencoder and mplayer are always the same.

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