[MPlayer-users] only play first minute of movie

Konstantinos Karydas kkar at intracom.gr
Fri Sep 19 11:29:53 CEST 2003

> > I would mplayer to only play the first minute of a movie.
> > How do I do this by
> > giving command line arguments?  I found that you can set
> > -endpos only with
> > mencoder, but not with mplayer.  Can anyone help me out?
> I think endpos works with mplayer too. But if not, try -frames
> <framenum>, i.e. with 25 fps:
> mplayer movie.avi -frames 1500

There is no -endpos command for mplayer, unfortunately. Only for mencoder as
Tom said.
Is there any way to set the start and stop time in mplayer so that I can
playback a specific part of a film? I don't think so. I know that there is a
seek command to start playback at a specific time but I don't think there is
a stop command. Is the -frames xxxx solution the only one finally? It is
very strange there is no stop function in the mplayer, a quite important
issue. It is very essential to have a stop function to stop playback! It is
strange the mplayer developers never thought of implementing a simple
stopping playback function in a specified time, just like the -endpos in the
mencoder. So any suggestions?



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