[MPlayer-users] Good PCI card for MPlayer

xi xizard at enib.fr
Tue Sep 16 12:52:57 CEST 2003

Felip wrote:
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> Hi! After my problems compiling MPlayer for my Matrox Millenium II I'm
> wondering about replacing it for another card. So I'll like to know
> your opinion about MPlayer's performance of PCI cards. 
> My main options are a new Nvidia Riva TNT2 32 MB for 39 euros and a
> second hand ATI Rage II 8 MB for 14 euros. 
> The point is that the computer is an old 233 MMX Pentium, so I'm afraid
> CPU power will be a bottleneck and I'll notice no performance
> enhancement with a better card. I would avoid driver/compiling
> problems, too, I would like a card with a good Linux support.
> Thanks in advance.
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I would buy a Matrox G200 PCI. I have sucessfully done some tests with 
this card on a P200 MMX, small divx plays ok with the sound, and this 
card supports Xv (backend scaler, ...) extension (but not mga_vid if I 
remember well). You can find these cards on ebay for example 
(approximatly 30€).

Be carrefull with ati cards, I remember a friend of mine having problems 
to read divx on a K6-2 350, using a 8mb ati agp card (don't remember the 
exact reference, but this card had Xv extension). Just changing it to a 
matrox G200 agp solved all his problems.


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