[MPlayer-users] Re: best graphic card for MPlayer

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Tue Sep 16 03:58:16 CEST 2003

Sergei Klink wrote:

> On September 15, 2003 01:06 pm, The Wanderer wrote:

>> Thing is, I thought I *had* looked, and had seen reports that "yes,
>> Radeon cards are supported". A friend has - I think it's a Radeon
>> 9000+, and that works, so I had no reason to expect the 9100 to be
>> any different. I seem to have just picked the *one* chipset that
>> isn't supported, or at least wasn't at the time.
> I thought that DRI project supported everything up to 9200 for quite
> some time, but only with X 4.3.0...

With the exception of the 9100, apparently. I saw the same thing, but
nothing worked, and I'm not positive I could even find drivers which
were claimed to work with that chipset.

I'm apparently running 4.2.1, but I know I tried everything I could
think of at the time, including various versions of X... this caused me
some trouble later on, trying to get a working X setup of *any* sort,
with the various and sometimes conflicting things I had installed. I
know I specifically picked up the DRI CVS trunk XFree86 server, but I
don't remember from where, and I don't remember why that particular
attempt at getting things working failed. There were so many of them....

> Btw, did you also see this?:
> "The Radeon 9100 is a rerelease of the Radeon 8500 because it is 
> faster than the Radeon 9000 (see below), the windows drivers offer 
> "pixel shader supported video deblocking filtering" for this card." 
> (http://dri.sourceforge.net/doc/radeon_naming.phtml)

Yes, I saw that. There was some useful information on the DRI Website,
but even the drivers (etc.) they claimed to have there frequently were
not to be found, and nothing worked for the card I had.

The best I could get, in terms of getting into X, was a low-res VESA
mode. The various troubleshooting guides I found seemed mostly to assume
that you could get into X, and the few which didn't did not address my
problem; it cropped up right where they stopped giving pre-X
instructions. I'm not positive I ever pinned down the precise nature of
the problem; we eventually came to the conclusion that the available
drivers just did not support the card, and I bought my GeForce FX 5200
(for about the same price as the Radeon had been), which has given me no

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