[MPlayer-users] playing 16:9 aspect files on console (tv-out)

Chris Phillips chris at thirtythreeandathird.net
Sat Sep 13 16:12:15 CEST 2003

Hi, i'm using the tv-out on an epia mini-itx board and have having a git of a
time making widescreen files work correctly. 4:3 files show fine just using "-vo
vesa -fs -zoom" but playing a 16:9 with this screws it up, stretching the image
to 4:3 aspect. "-vf expand=x:y" doesn't do anything at all under vesa, but does
work on fbev... but leaves a thick line along the bottom of the screen.

Also tried Directfb, which loads and shows OSD and audio, but no video, some
non-fatal error about not being able to change to 16bpp, even though i already
am on 16bpp (vga=788 right?)

sdl bombs out and ggi demands on changeing mode down to 640x480, which the
standard vesa framebuffer can't do anyway.

the panscan option has no effect on vesa, and the only way i've been able to
create a watchable output is to manually crop the image to 4:3 ratio. but this
has to be calculated manually for each size and exact ratio of file.

and -vf scale is cripplingly slow for the low end board.

Basically, can anyone comment on some of these issues... no real errors i'm
afraid as this is all from memory, but if there are any particular tips, that'd
be sweet.



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