[MPlayer-users] Re: best graphical card for MPlayer

rcooley rcooley at spamcop.net
Thu Sep 11 20:06:35 CEST 2003

Primate Mésmero wrote:
> I have read in a message posted to the list (I don´t remember who wrote it), 
Probably me.

> that these drivers don´t use all the features of tha Ati cards. 
> Please, can anyone explain which features the drivers don´t use?
I was vague intentionally, because unsupported features vary a great 
deal from card to card.  A popular feature is MPEG2 decoding on the 
video card, which is not supported on any cards with the GATOS driver. 
There are many many others as well...  If your card has TV-in, you can 
only capture video with AVview, which is really quite a lowsy program, 
you can't use normal v4l programs.

There are many many features that GATOS just doesn't support, and the 
primary developer hasn't shown any interest at all in supporting 
anything more.  If you are really interested, you can look at 
gatos.sf.net, specifically complaints on the mailing list, and find many 
things that just don't work with GATOS.

If the features GATOS has, are the only ones you need, give yourself a 
pat on the back and be happy.

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