[MPlayer-users] Re: encoding quality - bpp, resolution, quants and quality

HR haavroed at online.no
Thu Sep 11 19:44:31 CEST 2003

No statements from others included - this is a followup.

Encoding a movie with 


counting the quants with a simple script I made, I get

/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=1 0.7%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=2 40.1%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=3 39.9%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=4 8.1%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=5 5.0%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=6 3.5%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=7 1.6%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=8 0.4%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=9 0.2%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=15 0.3%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=16 0.1%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=25 0.5%
/usr/local/bin/countquant: q=31 0.2%
(dont mind if it doesnt add up exactly, rounding errors are surely

Does this mean I should decrease the resolution? If I understand other
postings and various encoding tips, the distribution should be weighed
more towards q=2 than in this case? The bpp is 0.242 which I thought
should be plenty, it's not a very fast motion movie.

Are there any other settings I should consider? The result does look
pretty good...


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