[MPlayer-users] taking a screenshot of a video while playing it

Matt Ficken mattficken at mail.com
Fri Sep 5 09:24:09 CEST 2003

I'm trying to take screenshots of videos while they are playing. 
The problem I'm having is that when I'm only playing 1 video, the screen shot of the video shows only 
blue where the video is. But, when I'm playing multiple videos, every video BUT the first one I start 
shows the video.  
I'm using graphicsmagick (gm import), and I've also tried knapshot (part of KDE). I'm running 
XFree86-4.3 on linux-2.4 on an i686 
The odd thing is that when I use knsapshot, instead of showing a blue box in place of the video, it shows 
a transparent box that is filled with whatever is under the knsapshot window. 
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