[MPlayer-users] Re: best graphical card for mplayer

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Thu Sep 4 08:04:37 CEST 2003

Sergei Klink wrote:
  > Actually, I've just bought a Radeon 9000/64M with tv-out, and it 
seems that
> the new drivers for X 4.3.0 _do_ support TV-out(although I haven't really 
> tried it yet, only with vesa) - fglrxconfig presents some tv-out options, 
> unlike the older versions. As for nvidia cards, I can only say that I had 
> _really_ bad experience with every card that I happened to use(don't look at 
> the price too much :), especially on SMP systems - plus the nvidia drivers 
> are extremely buggy(although I can't say much yet about the ATI ones). Btw, 
> do you _really_ need agp8x? Personally, I was very suprised to see ~100fps in 
> UT at 1024x768 with my card(agp4x)...but I'd have probably still bought 
> 8500/9100 if it would have been in the store near me :)

How long ago did you try an NVidia card? The proprietary driver has 
improved greatly over the last year or two. It's far from perfect, but I 
rarely run into bugs any more. Also, the Free driver in X does 
accelerated XVideo on modern cards now, so you may not even have to use 
the proprietary ones. I can't, since I have an old Vanta card. I also 
don't know whether the Free one does TV out.

Jonathan Rogers

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