[MPlayer-users] Unsupported Quicktime .mov file?

Duane Johnson canadaduane at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 4 03:32:42 CEST 2003

     I just downloaded, compiled and ran the MPlayer pre-release version on 
my Redhat 9 system.  Everything is working beautifully so far with only one 
exception: some .mov files on a class CD-ROM I have are showing up as skewed 
video output (what I'm seeing is as though each horizontal line is too long, 
resulting in a wrapping of the end pixels on to the next line, propogating a 
skewed result all the way down the output window).  There are also some 
random colors between skewed lines, suggesting there is some data there that 
is being interpreted as pixel data when it SHOULD be read in as codec data.

     The explanation that makes most sense to me is that MPlayer is 
correctly recognizing the .mov file but assigning an incorrect or older 
codec/interpreter to play it.  How can I tell what versions are supported by 
MPlayer?  How can I tell what the version of the .mov file is that I'm 
trying to play?

Duane Johnson
BYU, Utah

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