[MPlayer-users] Re: Can mencoder write partial files while encoding?

Stefan Seyfried seife at gmane0305.slipkontur.de
Tue Sep 2 08:35:51 CEST 2003

Rainer Hantsch <rainer at hantsch.co.at> writes:
> All what has to be done is:
> a.)  parsing the output filename and locating some placeholder for increasing
>      numbering of partial files, ( -o outfile-###.avi ) which will be substi-
>      tuted by 000 001 002 003 ... during runtime.
> b.)  watch the filesize and start a new one with next number, whenever it is
>      exceeding the limit given by an option.
> Maybe the writing process can fork, so that the old process can update the
> AVI-header of the previous file gently in the background, while it records
> into a new file? Other ways of doing that are also possible, but when this is
> done smart enough, mencoder will loose no one frame hereby.

hey, where is your patch?

> the Windoze side. Mencoder - sorry to say this here - is surely much more
> powerful and flexible, maybe also better in some manner, but it is like
> a "woodstock". It lacks a good frontend which makes it easier to use and
> something like a "cookbook for dummies", which gives examples out of
> practice...

well, since you actively prove that you are unwilling to use google and
you obviously don't read the included MPlayer documentation, i won't 
comment on that.

 Stefan Seyfried, seife at gmane0305.slipkontur.de

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