[MPlayer-users] Re: Dumping CC subtitles

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Sat May 31 20:23:25 CEST 2003

ephemeron at softhome.net wrote:
>>Excellent question. This would be great for transcoding as
>>well, since one could get text subtitles without OCRing the DVD
> You could always get one off the Internet ;-).
Get one what?

> Yes, an option to extract them (via either mplayer or mencoder)
> would be a nice feature, inasmuch as mplayer proper can already
> display it.  Or is already implemented and all I have to do is
> more RTFM?

Are you trying to wittily imply that mplayer or mencoder can dump DVD 
closed captions? If that capability exists, it's not in the manpage or 
manual. There is the -dumpsub option, which "Dumps the subtitle 
substream from VOB  streams." The -dump*sub options convert external 
subtitles specified with -sub (not -subcc) into other formats.

Please don't RTFM me unless you actually understand what I'm talking 
about. You clearly don't. I quote from the manual:

1.4 Subtitles and OSD

MPlayer can display subtitles along with movie files. Currently the 
following formats are supported:

     * VobSub
     * OGM
     * CC (closed caption)
     * Microdvd
     * SubRip
     * SubViewer
     * Sami
     * VPlayer
     * RT
     * SSA
     * MPsub
     * AQTitle
     * JACOsub

MPlayer can dump the previously listed subtitle formats (except the 
three first) into the following destination formats, with the given options:

     *  MPsub: -dumpmpsub
     * SubRip: -dumpsrtsub
     * Microdvd: -dumpmicrodvdsub
     * JACOsub: -dumpjacosub
     * Sami: -dumpsami

Jonathan Rogers

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