AW: [MPlayer-users] i want to build a universal rgb-output for all of us; )

justin case justin_case at
Fri May 30 10:45:03 CEST 2003

> If you look at the tvout-related scripts and stuff in TOOLS dir, I
> think they have NTSC and PAL mode timings. If not, for NTSC you can
> take standard VGA timing, make it interlaced, and halve the dotclock,
> and it will probably work. I'm not sure how to get a good PAL mode
> right off...

i'll check that out again (did that before actually, but not too close..)

one thing i forgot to mention: ati-cards have the ability to output directly
interlaced signals, so one wouldn't have to fiddle with soldering a
converter. i searched my fingers off with google on how to enable that for
linux - didn't find anything. under windows it's no problem at all: either
the driver provides it or you can use powerstrip.

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