[MPlayer-users] best audio and video card for mplayer

Klaus Becker colonius at mangoosta.fr
Fri May 30 08:44:51 CEST 2003

Hi folks,

I would like to change me video and audio cards.

It seems to me that Creative Labs 5.1 Live! is the best audio card for Linux, 
am I right ?

Choosing a  video card  is more difficult. I want a 3D card with TV input (and 
output ?) Which is the best one for mplayer ? I red the mplayer documentation 
, but each video card has advantages and disadvantages, and the documentation 
is from 2001. Which one would you recommend me today ?

I am language teacher at university (not english teacher) and I want to use 
all video and audio possibilities that Linux and mplayer offer today for me 
and for my students. I am beginner with video on linux and mplayer and 
probably, I do not yet know all the possibilities: audio, tv, video and so 

In language departement at university, we have a computer with video-projector 
and we can do quite interesting things with it. I want to install mplayer on 
mandrake on this computer and offer to my students and other teachers a 
maximum of possibilities. 

Win98 is also on this computer, but if I offer to other teachers a 
Linux-system (mandrake) and mplayer that is very simple and capable to read 
nearly all types of videos, they will perhaps use Linux and not Win.

I resume:

- which audio and video card for my PC at home ?

- ideas for installing and using mplayer at university



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