[MPlayer-users] Re: BUG: "mplayer -identify" now plays

Tobias Diedrich ranma at gmx.at
Thu May 29 14:35:13 CEST 2003

Maybe a late answer as I haven't read the list for some time, but I still
want to contribute my 2 cent two this topic, so...

Andrew J. Yeckel wrote:

> When using mplayer from CVS from several weeks ago, running "mplayer
> -identify foo.avi" would printout the identifying information, and then
> exit.  Now (a more recent CVS), running "mplayer -identify foo.avi" will
> first print out the identifying information, and then play the avi.

Yes, it was requested by a user that it should be possible to get the
information and still play the file without running mplayer twice.
If you use "-identify -frames 0" you get the old behaviour with both

> I believe the whole point of -identify is for use in a script to do
> processing, etc, and that is a time when you would not want mplayer to
> actually play the video, only identify it.

AFAICS the man page never said that it will exit and it was mainly
supposed to be used by the TOOLS/midentify script, which was modified
accordingly after the change...

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