[MPlayer-users] rc5 audio tests w/ surround 5.1 + 6 channels + alsa 0.9.2

Damion de Soto damion at snapgear.com
Wed May 14 03:45:54 CEST 2003

I have the same problem as Hugo, and have done some further tests.

I believe my liba52 on my system is working ok, since i can use ogle to 
play DVDs and don't get the channel switching problems.

My channels switch around even when i'm just playing a movie, but 
seeking/pausing sometimes fixes them for a short while (sometimes it 
makes them worse).  One time (i can't remember what version 
mplayer/alsa) if i moved the video window, it would corrupt the channels.

I tried enabling the alsa9:mmap option, which seems to fix the channel 
problem, but causes the sound to skip every few seconds.

what other info/tests are required for trying to debug this?

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