[MPlayer-users] AC3 audio skipping boxes

Jens Kübler cleanerx at au.hadiko.de
Thu May 15 11:39:31 CEST 2003

Hi there

I'm using MPlayer 0.90final with ac3 and tested some DVD's and ac3 divx.
First of all I just want to give the hint that -ao:alsa9:surround51  should be 
documented somewhere as it took me one day to get surround sound working with 
SBLive. The somewhere documented -ao:alsa9:hw:0:3 does not work for my 
config. :-(

Anyways after I had found out that this command line option works for me I 
found out that MPlayer skips the output of the boxes when I skip in the movie 
via curser keys. As the center box is best to identify this box moves in the 
first skip to left surround in the second skip to left front and the third 
skip moves it right back to the center.

The third and last thing I wanna complain about is speed :-) . By looking into 
the archives I found out that you like this kind of discussion, don't you ;-) 
. When I play DVDs with ac3 the sound gets heavily desynced and my athlon800 
Tbird gets a nice load of 100% total no other processes running and dma 
enabled. I also tried all the hints given by the documentation with no 
Two things make me wonder about this: First one is that xine plays the same 
movie using alsa9 and ac3 with 30% process time and the second one is that 
divx with ac3 plays smoth enough with 2-3% framedrop with movies that are 
encoded to be 1,4GB.

Thanx for any suggestions in advance.


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