[MPlayer-users] Question about -vo gl and nVidia

Axel Liljencrantz f97-ali at nada.kth.se
Thu May 15 11:24:04 CEST 2003

>I also have old (Vanta) card, and use nvidia driver, but don't have
>any 'tearing' with such configuration. Suppose, it's not a problem
>of VSync.
>Some more questions:
>1) Do you have such problem with all movies?
>2) Are you using CRT-monitor, or something like TV/etc. for viedeo
>    output?
>3) Is the problematic video interlaced/hard-telecined? (try playing
>   with something like -vf pp=lb or with -vf ivtc )
>4) Are you using framedropping/hardframedropping by default? Try
>   mplayer -noframedrop -nohardframedrop <all other options you


1) I've seen tearing in avi, qt, mpg1 and mpg2 material, but it's
only noticable in scenes with quick transitions. It's easiest to spot
in a clip with lights blinking on and off. (Like an MTV video)

2) It's only noticable when using TV-out. I belive the tearing is
there on the CRT, but it's much harder to spot.

3) Like I said in 1, it seems to ba a problem for most files.

4) No, I don'nt belive I am.

I suppose it makes sense that the tearing is more visible when using
TV-out, because the update frequency of 50 Hz means that the tear
will be there fo 1/50= 0.02 s, whereas on my monitor I use a 100 Hz
update frequency, so the tear is only there for 1/100=0.01 s. Also,
my TV has a framedoubler (100 Hz), which may make the problem even
more noticable, because the tears will be displayed twice.

thank you for your time

/Axel Liljencrantz

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