[MPlayer-users] 44khz soundcard out of sync

Nicolas Denos ktulu at altern.org
Tue May 13 21:06:23 CEST 2003

I'm trying to play some divx files with mplayer 0.90
Since the start of the movie there is a sound delay of 3 or 4 seconds.
The sound never resync with image ...

I've tried the "classical" options of mplayer like : -bps -nobps 
-autosync ... no effect.
I've also changed sound driver (oss -> alsa)

I think that the problem is related to the sample rate of the movie, if 
the sound sample rate is 48khz it's out of sync, if sample rate is < 
44Khz it's ok.

My sound device is an old Creative 128 PCI (doesn't support 48KHz)

I've tried to use the mplayer's "resample" filter ... unsuccessfully :
mplayer -framedrop -ao alsa9 -af resample=44100:0:0 -srate 44100 -vo 
vesa -fs -cache 16000 /mnt/somthing.avi

Please help me

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