[MPlayer-users] how to make a preview (png image) of tv channels ?

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Tue May 13 20:48:38 CEST 2003

Giuseppe Ciotta wrote:
> i would like to have a preview of tv channels, i mean, having mplayer
> jumping between a list of channels and outputing a png image for each
> channel every N time, so that I can use these images with a pygame application and
> blitting previews to a nice 3x3 grid refreshing them.
> how could i do?

Have you tried -vo png? It's easy to find if you RTFM and use -vo help. 
Using -frames 1 might also be helpful.

When I used "mplayer -tv 
on:driver=v4l:input=1:width=640:height=480:norm=ntsc:alsa -vop pp=lb 
-vop png -frames 1" I got two PNG's in the current directory. I'm not 
sure why there are two, but that should be what you want. See, the 
manpage is your friend.

Jonathan Rogers

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