[MPlayer-users] MJPEG encoding: quality factor and YUY2 format

Novak Levente lnovak at dragon.klte.hu
Mon May 5 14:16:06 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I would like to capture from a video camera with mencoder in a somehow
compressed format but with the minimum of quality loss (HuffYUV or MJPEG).
My first question: is there a quality factor switch for MJPEG (like for
JPEG pictures)? The second: I would like to use a 4:2:2 colorspace (YUY2
or suchlike 16 bit formats). I can select it for the video4linux input,
the filters, etc, but apparently it is converted later (after the
filtering phase) to 12 bit YV12. How to avoid this?

Sorry if it was already asked, give me a pointer please in this case.


PS: I'm not susbscribed to the list, so please CC: me when responding.

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