[MPlayer-users] Re: status of dvd:// and -dvd

Chris Phillips chris at thirtythreeandathird.net
Mon May 5 00:05:35 CEST 2003

> > cos it means i have to change the code in my program to use dvd:// in 
> > mplayer and -dvd in mencoder or dvd:// depending on which version... 
> > fair enough. thanks
> why? use always dvd://, it exists since 0.90preX where X is low number,
> it was added more than half year ago.
> and no one should use older mplayer anyway.
> removal of the obsolete -dvd etc options was delayed a lot, but every
> developer agreed on removing them after 0.90 release and development fork.
> it's not the biggest change, the 'main' cvs (development code) have (and
> will have) much more drastic changes in both usage and features.
> users should use 0.90 release (or 0_90 CVS), not main, except if they need
> some special main-only feature or want to test very *experimental* code.

fair enough, but then it's not valid in mencoder, which seems strange... 
is there a specific reason that dvd:// is not in mencoder whatsoever? 
doesn't seem too consistent.



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