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Commercials are spliced in two ways, some come down from the network
feed, and the rest are local offices splicing it in.  When the show
preairs it has gaps where local offices place their commercials, and
these are definitely not predictable.  HDTV and PDTV illustrate this
nicely sometimes b/c there are green glitches, or tape noise, where the
local affil splices into the feed.  They also unfortunately frequently
forget to flip back over to the network feed and you get Standard
Definition for a few seconds.

In answer to your second part, commercials are 99% of the time 15 or 30
seconds.  It depends on the gap they must fill.  But sometimes(at least
in the US) the local affil decides to put a news teaser into the feed,
these can be really random in length from 5-20s.

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[Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read
Very cool.  I knew I couldn't be the first to think of this.

Regarding performance.

Couldn't you combine black frame detect along with a seek (+10, +5, +1)
to get
better performance?  ie. seek 4 seconds, bf detect for 1 second, seek
for 4
seconds, .....

Algorithmically, how could you detect you were back in the show as
to in another commercial?

I've also wondered if anyone has collected empirical knowledge regarding
when commercials occur.  
-Do commercials appear at the exact same time in every showing of a
 episode?  For example can I apply an EDL to every episode of South
-Or is this by network?  
-Are commercials always 30 seconds and 60 seconds?

Thanks for any pointers regarding these questions.

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