[MPlayer-users] Re: Video Filter for Black Frame Detect

usenet at wingert.org usenet at wingert.org
Thu May 1 22:47:49 CEST 2003

Very cool.  I knew I couldn't be the first to think of this.

Regarding performance.

Couldn't you combine black frame detect along with a seek (+10, +5, +1) to get
better performance?  ie. seek 4 seconds, bf detect for 1 second, seek for 4
seconds, .....

Algorithmically, how could you detect you were back in the show as opposed
to in another commercial?

I've also wondered if anyone has collected empirical knowledge regarding
when commercials occur.  
-Do commercials appear at the exact same time in every showing of a specific 
 episode?  For example can I apply an EDL to every episode of South Park?
-Or is this by network?  
-Are commercials always 30 seconds and 60 seconds?

Thanks for any pointers regarding these questions.

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