[MPlayer-users] mencoder generating broken avi files again??

D Richard Felker III dalias at aerifal.cx
Thu May 1 17:48:29 CEST 2003

Yesterday I just ran across a file which I created using mencoder, and
which windoze media player (whatever version comes with winxp) refuses
to play. I'm uploading it as lain03-unplayable-by-wmp.avi. Apparently
wmp only detects the presence of audio, and can't find any video, but
then it doesn't play either, so something is probably screwed up again
in the header or the index. The really odd thing is that I have
several files all created around a month or two ago, and only one of
them exhibits the problem; the others are all fine. However, I just
made the sample I'm uploading right now in order to reproduce the bug
at lower bitrate, and I've confirmed that it exhibits the bug too.
Would one of the more windoze-inclined people take a look at this and
see what's up? The muxer code (which I'd suspect) hasn't changed in a
long time, so maybe it's mencoder.c or ve_lavc that got broken....?


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