[MPlayer-users] Piping AVI's

GD Lewis gdltek1 at dfnow.com
Mon Mar 31 15:21:23 CEST 2003


I had a question about the viability of piping AVI's to mplayer from

Here's the scenario:  When creating VCD images (bin/cue's) from AVI that
I obtain, I often find myself needing to re-encode the source AVI to
push it up to a higher framerate first using mencoder.  The resulting
file I then use the mencvcd script to create the images to be burned.

What I was wondering was whether it would be possible to elimininate a
step by creating a named pipe and feeding the output of the first
mencoder command to the script?

I am hesitant to try it since I am not sure whether the headers for the
AVI file are written before, during or after the re-encoding procedure
and I do not know whether mplayer will like it.  Another concern is that
the mencvcd script itself uses a named pipe for piping the dumps from
the mplayer stream to mjpegtools.  Would the presence of these two pipes
create such a bottleneck that it would actually be slower than just
performing each step manually?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  I may just try it to see
what happens, but I figure it can't hurt to ask my betters either ;-)


GD Lewis <gdltek1 at dfnow.com>

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