[MPlayer-users] audio video sync

Yan Seiner yan at cardinalengineering.com
Sat Mar 29 19:33:26 CET 2003

(Note to moderator: this is a close-to-duplicate message of one sent
earlier.  I tried to cancel that message, but the link mailman sent was

I'm having a problem with audio sync when capturing video from composite
sources.  It appears that the video runs considerably slower than the
audio.  The audio sounds like it's normal speed; the video looks slow. 
After a minute or two of playback, the video is some 10 seconds or more
behind the audio.

I've tried various codecs, autosync, framedrop, bps, nopbs, interlacing,
no interlacing, and no joy.  I've tried forcing fps to either PAL rates
(25) or NTSC rates (29.97) as appropriate.  No joy.  My CPU loads are
pretty small - 30 - 50% during capture, less during playback.

I'm stumped.  xawtv plays fine for both PAL and NTSC; no sound sync
problems there.

Any ideas, help, etc. are greatly appreciated.

I will be uploading the appropriate 5 MB clip to the ftp server along
with all of the info soon.  The full clip (30MB) is (or will be shortly)
at ftp://portia.cardinalengineering.com/outgoing/yan.tar.bz2


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