[MPlayer-users] is there a way to force -vo vesa:vidix to use 640x350 output?

nico berndt nico.berndt at gmx.de
Fri Mar 28 21:00:50 CET 2003

i have a 16:9 tv set with vga input. it accepts 640x480 wich is stupid for
movies with a 640x350 res.

i use -vo vesa:vidix wich switches the output resolution to the closest
matching one it finds compared to the movie resolution.

now with 16:9 movies i have mostly 640x352 wich makes the driver use
i'd rather cut of the two lines at bottom and top and force the driver to
use 640x350.

this way i wouldn't have to fiddle with the settings of the vga-module all
time when watching different movies.

can somebody help with this?


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