[MPlayer-users] need help to get a reasonable 640xXXX output

nico berndt nico.berndt at gmx.de
Fri Mar 28 20:00:38 CET 2003

hi all,

i recently bought a vga-module for my tv - very nice!
it accepts 640x480 at 70 (confirmed) and 640x400@? (unconfirmed) as well as
640x350@? (unconfirmed).

i have an amd-k6II/500 and an ati mach64 pci card wich i'd like to use. i
also have an ati 3drage pro agp lying around, wich i could also use and i
borrowed a matrox g450 agp card over the weekend so i can also run some test
with it. if it turns out, that the ati-cards are not at all suitable, i
might consider bying a matrox.

i see several output possibilites wich so far all cause some trouble, so i
would greatly appreciate any help:

- vesa
i'd actually prefer that one, since it is the only output-driver i found,
that can do hardware-scaling with -zoom and -fs. also this driver of course
satisfies the input-needs of my vga module just perfectly. trouble is, i
don't seem to get -double to work (tried with -vo vesa:dga -double) and the
movies suffer from thosy ugly cuts that occur, when two frames "meet".

- framebuffer
i could live with that, since most of my movies have a 640xXXX res. here i
have the problem, that i can`t get a proper resolution together. i used the
tool "modeline" and the results pass in terms of my tv input, but the
picture comes up with strange clouds that seem to depend on the picture
itself. is anyone into framebuffer-modelines? i am very bad with
mathematics, so i just had to give up on several readmes about their
calculation. another problem is, that the amach64 card only has 4mb of
memory, so for example with the "generated" modeline 640x400 at 70 i get the
message, that there would not be enough ram on the card. hard to imagine,
since much higher resolutions work fine..

- fbdev:vidix
didn't get this one to load, although there is a module for my card. forcing
it also didn't work. when checked with a matrox-card, the according module
loaded right away.

so that's it. if anyone has any suggestion how to solve any of the issues,
please let me know.

best regards,


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