[MPlayer-users] TV Capture

Alan Murrell alanm at vcn.bc.ca
Sun Mar 23 18:03:39 CET 2003

Hello Yan,

On Saturday 22 March 2003 08:13, Yan Seiner wrote:
> I read in the FAQ that sound support for TV is broken/unimplemented with

Actually, I recently had troubles with this, and through the help of the 
people on this list, I was able to resolve my issue with this, and I am now 
capturing TV quite fine.  A one-hour show takes just over 600MB at 320x240 
and 1200Mbps vbitrate (128Kbps for MP3 audio).

As other posters have mentioned, you have to put an external cable from the 
audio out on the TV capture card to the audio in on the sound card.  You can 
then mute everything, except the "Input Gain", which I usually set to about 

> If that's the case, what do people use for encoding analog video+sound?

Well, I did see that you mentioned "VHS to .avi", and I assume you mean Divx?  
I am actually in the process of doing just that with my VHS collection... 
converting to DivX and burning to CD-R.  I am actually using the mjpeg-tools 
to do the actual capturing, since I have an Iomega Buz card, which handles 
hardware encoding.  I then use mencoder to convert  the MJPEG files to a DivX 
file that will fit onto a CD-R.


Alan Murrell <alanm at vcn.bc.ca>

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