[MPlayer-users] TV Capture

Michal Seliga michal.seliga at visicom.sk
Sat Mar 22 17:54:56 CET 2003

Works for me, but only with bt878 analog audio device (modprobe btaudio gives you new
soundcard), not with digital one (but none program I tried worked with this one...)

you must specify this btaudio soundcard (for me it is /dev/dsp2) in -tv options of mencoder

and I never played with tuning and stuff - I find the program to capture using xawtv, quit it
and then I launch mencoder to capture what was already selected (and because I still
don't have v4l2 I can't see what I capture... )

and I never tried it with direct tvcard-soundcard cable connection, but from my experiences
(ATI TV Wonder VE) if there is cable connected to audio output of tvcard this 'internal
soundcard' outputs only noise, I don't know why :-(

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> OK, I got my DVD ripping stuff done.  Thanks to everyone who responded.
> Now for video tape to .avi.
> I read in the FAQ that sound support for TV is broken/unimplemented with
> mencoder under linux.  Since I plan on using a BT848 TV card for video
> capture, can I assume that mencode won't work with that either?
> If that's the case, what do people use for encoding analog video+sound?
> Thanks,
> --Yan
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