[MPlayer-users] Restarting mplayer

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Thu Mar 20 20:40:02 CET 2003


I want to stop mplayer while playing a file and than restart it where
the playing stopped. The reason is that maybe I want to change the
play settings while playing (add deinterlace filter, change audio
language, etc). Again, the reason: I work for the Freevo project which
uses mplayer to play videos. If the user want to change e.g. the audio
language, Freevo can stop the player and restart it with the new
language. But restart from the beginning is not what I want.

My first idea was to grep the mplayer output to get the current time
position. But restarting mplayer with -ss doesn't work well. My second
idea was the slave command get_percent_pos. But I found no way to pass
a start percent to mplayer. Is there any way to stop mplayer and
restart it from the last position?

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