[MPlayer-users] SAMI subtitle parser minor problem

Yourself sl4rtyb4rtf4st at yahoo.gr
Wed Mar 19 17:05:34 CET 2003

i've recently came across a SAMI subtitle file, which mplayer was not
able to open. After comparing it with other SAMI files and "messing" with 
it a bit, I found the the problem was the case of "Start" in each SYNC part:

Original file:
<SYNC start=89000><P>l'm flying!
<SYNC start=90877><P><br>
<SYNC start=90960><P>This is a physical... high.
<SYNC start=93599><P><br>
<SYNC start=94360><P>A physical, legal high.
<SYNC start=96999><P><br>
<SYNC start=106720><P>This is the most amazing feeling,<br>better than sex.
<SYNC start=110235><P><br>
<SYNC start=111920><P>Ooh.
<SYNC start=113797><P><br>
<SYNC start=113880><P>Forward, forward... Whoa!

"Fixed" file:
<SYNC Start=89000><P>l'm flying!
<SYNC Start=90877><P><br>
<SYNC Start=90960><P>This is a physical... high.
<SYNC Start=93599><P><br>
<SYNC Start=94360><P>A physical, legal high.
<SYNC Start=96999><P><br>
<SYNC Start=106720><P>This is the most amazing feeling,<br>better than sex.
<SYNC Start=110235><P><br>
<SYNC Start=111920><P>Ooh.
<SYNC Start=113797><P><br>
<SYNC Start=113880><P>Forward, forward... Whoa!

after the %s/start=/Start=/, everything worked perfectly. Maybe the sami
parser needs a fix?

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