[MPlayer-users] Question about mplayer/mencoder

Pigeon pigeon at pigeond.net
Mon Mar 17 12:15:21 CET 2003

	Hi all.

	I've been using mencoder to rip/encode dvds into avi/divx and mpg.

	I've been following the instruction in the encoding.html and everything seems to be going fine. Except, I realized that those avi can't be played properly under xine. It gives me a lot of green boxes on the screen.
	Also when I did the mpg encoder, the output mpg has no sound when I play in under mplayer, and the very same mpg file can't be played properly under xine.

	Is there any trick or something I've missed during the encoding? Cos what I'm worrying is files I've encoded can't be played properly on other players (players on windows for example). How can I make sure the output is friendly in general for all (most) movie players programs?



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