[MPlayer-users] MovieCD and mvicod32.dll

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Sat Mar 15 16:07:55 CET 2003


> Opening video decoder: [vfw] Win32/VfW video codecs
> Loading codec DLL: 'mvicod32.dll'
> MSGBOX 'Wrong OS - Please reinstall Motion Pixels' 'Motion Pixels Codec' (4112)

lol :)
some anti-linux protection?
or it just doesn't work on all windows versions, or maybe requires more
complete emulation of win32 than we have, or maybe requires some registry
entries to be present?

currently win32.c can report win95osr2 or nt:

#if 1
    // leave it here for testing win9x-only codecs
    strcpy(c->szCSDVersion, " B");
    c->dwPlatformId=VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT; // let's not make DLL assume that it can read CR* registers
    strcpy(c->szCSDVersion, "Service Pack 3");

maybe that codec requires some newer. try to change teh above values (loader/win32.c)

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