[MPlayer-users] MovieCD and mvicod32.dll

Compn tempn at twmi.rr.com
Sat Mar 15 13:02:25 CET 2003

ok, i saw the other posts about this topic at:
and found some information on mvi2 at:

i added mvicod32.dll to /usr/lib/win32
and added the following to codecs.conf:

videocodec movcd
 info "motion pictures moviecd"
 status untested
 fourcc mvi2
 format 0x32690804
 driver vfw
 dll "mvicod32.dll"
 out BGR32,BGR24,BGR15,YUY2

(not sure if its driver vfw or vfwex, or whatnot. also not sure of the outputs...)
i dont know if mvicod32.dll is the only file i need or if there are others...
but here is the error i get while playing...

Opening video decoder: [vfw] Win32/VfW video codecs
Loading codec DLL: 'mvicod32.dll'
MSGBOX 'Wrong OS - Please reinstall Motion Pixels' 'Motion Pixels Codec' (4112)
Win32 LoadLibrary failed to load: mvicod32.dll
Can't open library mvicod32.dll
ICOpen failed! unknown codec / wrong parameters?
VDecoder init failed :(

if you need any other info from me, just ask, sorry if there is something else needed
first timer here... (this is the 3rd time i've sent this mail, hopefully it makes it this time)

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