[MPlayer-users] No sound when encoding through my TV card

DEBERT Jean-Louis jl.debert at rsd.com
Wed Mar 12 16:10:21 CET 2003

onizuka eikichi wrote:

>  Thanks to the man mplayer I have easily managed to
>  encode the video with the following line (not sure
>  exactly) :
>  mencoder -tv:on:input=1:norm=PAL -voc .... -o
>  movie.avi
>  and it works perfectly.
>  Trying to have the sound, I wrote (following the man
>  page) :
>  mencoder -tv:on:input=1:norm=PAL:adevice=/dev/dsp -voc
>  .... -o movie.avi
>  but it didn't work. Since I think it is a topic of
>  interest for many people I know, could anyone tell me
>  what I have done wrong ?

Did you check that the proper input (line-in ?) in your
sound card, is set to RECORD as reported by your mixer ?
The fact that you hear the sound in the speakers is not 
enough (it simply means that the sound is passed through
in the sound card's preamp), to capture the sound in the PC
you must use your mixer to set the input to recording mode. 

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