[MPlayer-users] 2 Bugs [?]

Balatoni Denes pnis at coder.hu
Tue Mar 11 22:59:33 CET 2003


That function is only called by the OSD code - so switch off osd, if there is 
such thing in mencoder ?? 
Or if you are using a frontend - i understand you are not - it could be asking 
for mplayer playback percentage, tell it not to do so. 

I wonder if it's possible to upload a sample of something+commandline etc, in 
case somebody wants to check.

> Gdb says that mencoder crashed by segfault in demuxer_get_percent_pos(),
> since my mplayer isn't debug-enabled, I'll report this later, if this is
> really mencoder bug.
> I use 0.90rc4 version.


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