[MPlayer-users] Re: System locks up when playing movies

Tobias Diedrich ranma at gmx.at
Tue Mar 11 02:44:51 CET 2003

Thomas Koglbauer wrote:

> i have installed gentoo 1.4_rc3 and LRS linux and tried to play movies.
> i have a msi nvidia 64Mb SDRAM GFX karte (passive cooled) and Xfree 4.2.1.
> when i start movie playback (it does not matter which driver i use NV or nvidia)
> the hole system locks up after 5 to 20 seconds. playing mp3s works fine.
> there is no error reported in any log file and i am not able to debug with gdb.
> but playing with avifile works fine.

Could you further describe what "lock up" means here?
Do you have a second system which you can use to check if it is still up
(pingable? does ssh work?)?
If it really locks up hard, then this probably is a hardware issue which
is triggered by mplayer because it is optimized to make best use of the
capabilities your hardware has and your system can't handle that.

Kannst du genauer beschreiben was du hier mit einfrieren meinst?
Hast du einen zweiten Rechner, mit dem du nachschauen kannst ob dein
System tatsaechlich abgestuerzt ist (Noch anpingbar? Funktioniert ssh?)?
Wenn er tatsaechlich einfriert, dann liegt das am wahrscheinlichsten
daran, dass mplayer darauf optimiert ist das meiste aus deiner Hardware
herauszuholen und damit instabilitaeten aufdecken kann.

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