[MPlayer-users] System locks up when playing movies

Thomas Koglbauer kogl.th at gmx.at
Mon Mar 10 22:26:03 CET 2003


i have installed gentoo 1.4_rc3 and LRS linux and tried to play movies.
i have a msi nvidia 64Mb SDRAM GFX karte (passive cooled) and Xfree 4.2.1.
when i start movie playback (it does not matter which driver i use NV or nvidia)
the hole system locks up after 5 to 20 seconds. playing mp3s works fine.
there is no error reported in any log file and i am not able to debug with gdb.
but playing with avifile works fine.

i also tried with sdl for video and sound but there is the same problem.
i also took out all components excluding the gfx card ;) but it also
locks up.

maybe somebody can help me.

thank you,
Thomas Koglbauer
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