[MPlayer-users] Mencoder creating AVI without index.

rbtq7ol02 at sneakemail.com rbtq7ol02 at sneakemail.com
Sun Mar 9 18:09:49 CET 2003

> AVI cannot have an index if it's > 2 GB, without (unsupported) opendml
> extensions.
> Rich

I was afraid that might be the case, I knew there were ways to have larger 
index AVI files but I wasn't aware mplayer/mencoder didn't support them.  
Would they be hard to support?  I'd imagine that if they are, it might be 
easier to put encode-time file splitting into mencoder.  How hard would it be 
to start a new file at the next keyframe if a certain size has been passed?  
I'm definitely not good enough with C to attempt to tackle opendml 
extensions, but if the existing code would allow for it without too much 
trouble, I could take a shot at file splitting.  For now I'll try to break up 
the files I have, and fiddle a bit more with codec options to make future 
recordings smaller (I'm recording TV programs, almost never over one hour 
long, so a little lower bitrate would solve my problems for the most part).


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