[MPlayer-users] faad2 help

Götz Waschk waschk at informatik.uni-rostock.de
Thu Mar 6 15:49:17 CET 2003

Am Donnerstag,  6. März 2003, 04:38:40 Uhr MET, schrieb Michael A. Peters:
> > ftp://ftp.club-internet.fr/pub/linux/plf/src/faad2-1.1-4plf.src.rpm
> That package is odd - it requires libsndfile >= 1.0 but doesn't patch it
> for the change in sndfile.h that happened in 1.0 (and thus it building
> their src.rpm gives me the "audio.c:55: structure has no member named
> `samples'" error that I first patched in the audio.c file)

The ftp server has a broken file (just verified with rpm -K --nogpg),
the real version has the same patch you've posted. 
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