[MPlayer-users] Failure while konfigurieren

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Tue Mar 4 11:22:06 CET 2003

Quoting Fiorillo, Fabio (Fabio.Fiorillo at help-you-desk.de) as `FF'
Message date: 04 Mar 2003 at 09:10

FF> Hello People,
FF> I'm Fabio from Germany and I had searched through the FAQ's, Documentation
FF> and Google, but I can't find a solution:
FF> I had installed the mplayer source to /roor/mplayer, and when I'm typing
FF> there ./configure --enable-gui --enable-w32 --qtx-codecs, 
FF> it stopped with
FF> "Checking language ... en not found, using en
FF> Error: help/help_mp-en.h not found"
FF> My locales is default set to "en_GB" in my Debian3.0 woody. I haven't found
FF> the file "Help_mp-en.h"  with "locate" on my computer.  
FF> What went wrong, what should I do?
FF> After that, I tried in the same directory "fakeroot debian/rules binary" ,
FF> but I get the answer :"Bash:   command unknown". What is here going wrong.
FF> Thank you for help.
FF> Fabio

Did you download a cvs version? If so, did you use the -dP options?
I had the same "problem" when the cvs tree changed a bit and i didn't
use -dP... Try to get the latest cvs (or download the release)

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